We've been creating professionally for over 25 years. This is good news for you, because we can make your life easier and your business more successful.

Valerie Madden

Chief Creative Officer


Valerie has been creating since she was born and professionally as a Creative Director, Art Director, 

Graphic Designer and Commercial Artist after graduating from ECU School Of Art in 1991 with

a BFA in Communications Art. 


For a decade, Valerie branded over 216 TV shows as Group Creative Director at NBCUniversal (AKA NBC) and years prior as Art Director for Agencies catering to entertainment studios, fortune 500 companies, start-ups, health care, pharmaceutical, wall street, consumer products, restaurant franchises, travel, small businesses and non-profit organizations.


With her broad range of experience, she currently 

works full time at Amazon Studios. For a select few that aren't a conflict of interest, she serves as an independent contractor.

VM Cre8

Creative Design, Marketing & Branding


Creative Design, Marketing & Branding Collective.


Valerie is the primary creator for VM Cre8 and

offers a unique balance of Creative Direction, Marketing Strategy, Art Direction and Graphic Design. If a project requires expertise or time outside of her immediate wheel house, she'll collaborate with a network of creative professionals

and business partners she's cultivated over the

years to solve your project needs.


Transparency, Collaboration, Focus, Innovation

and Passion are the five pillars we strive for on

each project. 


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