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Podcast Design That POPS!

Podcasts and Vodcasts are gaining momentum. Overall, an estimated 46 million Americans now listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. That’s 17% of the 12+ US population, up from 12% in 2013. That’s a lot of people! They listen during their morning commute on the train, in their car while they’re working out, or doing household chores. About 10% of the US population listens to podcasts on a weekly basis. These listeners average about 6 podcasts per week!*

I'm Valerie Madden (Cheif Creative Officer of VM Cre8ive). I've enjoyed listening to podcasts and watching vodcasts before they were popular. For 20 years, I've worked in Hollywood as an Art Director and Creative Director concepting and designing Key Art branding over 200 TV shows & movies.

After I caught up with my favorite podcasts, I would search for something new. As a consumer, I've always been a "judge a book by its cover" person. Admit it – we all do! If the little square icon on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn Radio, SoundCloud or iHeartRadio is well designed, communicating clearly what a podcast is about and of interest to me, I'll click and listen. To be honest, there are very few well-designed/branded podcasts. My guess is because most podcasters are more focused on being heard or seen and not on how to attract people to listen to their show. They may be inspired by the "Build it, and they will come" moto. Yes, this worked for Kevin Costner's character in Field of Dreams, but this strategy will not work if your goal is to be successful and heard by more than your friends and family – unless one of them has a twitter following of at least a million.

An idea came to me... Why not apply my years of entertainment design and marketing experience to brand or re-brand podcasts. Appling a 360 branding and marketing approach to attract listeners and viewers could give serious podcasters a leg up to build an audience creating leverage to attract and be paid by advertisers. CLICK HERE & HERE to read 2 articles on how podcasts are making money.

I gave Pure Pollino & Blissen Up with Rachel Lang the Platinum Level Design & Marketing touch by concepting/producing a photo shoot, designing; Key Art, social marketing graphics, video graphics, T-Shirts, printed promo cards and a website. CLICK HERE to view both campaigns and CLICK HERE to download a case study/brand package of my latest re-brand for One On One with Jasper Cole debuting July 1, 2015 on

The above are just a few examples of what I create. To see more, check out my website >

I love design and would enjoy creating for you. Email to set up a time to connect via phone or video chat for a FREE 30 Min consultation >

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