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Experience the Magic: Crafting 360 Marketing for Good Omens

Good Omens holds a special place in my heart, making it an absolute joy to spearhead the visual creative applied to the 360 marketing and advertising campaigns for both season one and two. The series, born from a cherished book, holds an esteemed spot in pop culture. It was an honor to collaborate with the brilliant minds of Neil Gaiman and his team along with my colleagues at Amazon Studios. Together with multiple creative agencies, we brought this beloved story and its characters to life, enchanting existing fans and drawing in new ones by the millions.

Receiving recognition from entertainment industry peers was the Creme de la creme to illuminate the magic we conjured — from conceptualization to execution.

Explore some of our standout campaign posts, featuring captivating assets and accolades. And if you haven't already, dive into the enchanting world of Good Omens on Amazon Prime Video through the direct links below.


Season 1


Season 1

Season 2


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