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Secret to Success: There are many paths to great leadership and creativity.

I was featured in a MUSE BY CLIOS article. Below is the link to the full article and a summary of my contribution.

20 Women in Entertainment Marketing on the Secret to Their Success

There's no one path to great leadership and creativity.

Valerie Madden

Amazon Studios & NBC Creative Director Project Highlights: Fleabag, Transparent, Good Omens, Catastrophe, The Tick, Heroes, The Office, Parenthood

Success is relative. With that said, my success derives from my career not being about me. 

I have the honor and privilege to create marketing content that launches series and films into the world that their creators have lived, breathed and birthed into fruition. I tap into their vision and find the core essence that will excite the targeted audience to watch. I take this responsibility seriously and am clear that I'm a conduit with unique gifts and talents that others don't have. If a launch requires skills not innate in me, I find the talent to collaborate with to bring a 360 marketing campaign into reality. Most campaigns are made up of key art, trailer, social, experiential, PR, digital static, motion and AV content.

Each facet has passionate highly skilled people executing the strategy, with me as a guiding light setting everyone up for success to deliver results for millions (often times billions) of people globally. Whether it be mentoring or ramping up new talent to be part of the marketing side of entertainment content or visualizing and communicating the full campaign for internal stakeholders, filmmakers and showrunners to align, this brings me joy.

To sum it up, I view what I do as a service for others. It's part of my purpose. One thing I know for sure after many years of launching 300+ series and films into the world is life can be intense at times for everyone. Escaping into a film or series can elevate a person's awareness, knowledge, mood or simply relax. Whether watching alone or with a group, entertainment content brings people together and inspires me to do it again and again.


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